Baking Mixes. The big frozen bags of chicken parts and frozen ground beef was comparable to anything else at a market. cheeseburger. 2 / 11. A ready-made mix is a busy cook’s best friend. But it wasn’t until I did take that closer look that I realized that not only did they have a huge selection of products, but that they were name brands both you and are I … Dollar Tree Home Decor Recommended for you 5:03 Intex 32'x16'×52" Above Ground Pool Review & What others Won't tell you,#1st Video in Series - Duration: 13:46. Dollar Tree’s $1 frozen ribeye steaks has its fans and detractors, but how about the cheeseburger? Dollar Tree's $1 ribeye steak, which would cost $4 a pound (if sold by the pound) It was a tough sell to these tough men, who shook their head when they saw the thin dollar … Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder Pancake mix. Read more: 10 surprises you didn’t know about Dollar Tree. Shutterstock / Muhammad ZA. About Me: I'm a newlywed who recently married the love of my life. Dollar Tree stocks bread, eggs and also has frozen food sections where you can score bags of vegetables, french fries, pierogies and more. Every day is an adventure in life AND food! Advertisement This fully cooked frozen cheeseburger is 5.1 ounces, is packed with 20 grams of protein and now has 30% more beef than the Fast Bites 4.6 oz. Dollar Tree APPETIZERS Taste Test! - Dollar Store Frozen Food I recently scanned the food section of an Atlanta-area Dollar Tree for a closer look. Check out this video talking all about it! at the supermarket, but I can't be sure. if you are shopping at a 99¢ chain store (purple carts) a lot of the items are name brand feom other retailer liquidations. For around half the price (or less) than you’ll normally find, the boxed pancake mix here is usually the “just add water” type, so the only other thing you’ll have to pick up is syrup, which can usually be found on the same shelf. If you have limited dollars but need single-servings of meat for a single meal, it's ok. Spaghetti is one food item you can get at the Dollar Tree for only $1. We’ll show you how to shop the food aisles at the local dollar store like a boss. Dollar Tree foods you may want to buy elsewhere. Fun fact: Frozen and Refrigeration is in over 5,000 Dollar Tree Stores already! I feel it was still slightly better per oz.