How to Write Perfect Title, Description & Keyword Meta Tags. The search engines show the description you add to your meta tags so it’s important to make a relevant description for every single page on your website. Before you start writing, make sure you research the SERPs for your targeted keyword. How to Write Meta Tags & Keywords for Better Search Engine Rankings. Entice users to click. To do that, make sure you include keywords that relate to the topic or subject matter of the page. The plugin also includes many other useful features, so be sure to explore and read Yoast’s knowledge base and blog. But first, let’s talk a little more about what these important pieces of text actually are. We’ve been helping others build their online presence for over 10 years – and we can’t imagine doing anything else. Why isn't my meta description appearing in search results? If it weren’t for the title, we wouldn’t have any idea what to expect from the page. It’s no good hauling in traffic with keyword phrases like “Low-Rate Mortgage” and “Find a Divorce Lawyer” if your site sells cooking supplies. But they can nonetheless still play a small but helpful part in communicating your message and attracting searchers to your site. Cross-platform software to maximize your online advertising. Aside from the obviously important questions of number and relevance, when selecting your keywords, it’s a good idea to bear in mind: Compiling meta keywords to use on your website is easier with keyword tools like our Free Keyword Tool. To write 160 characters or not to write 160 characters? They are shown in search engine results, and provide information to people who are looking for things related to your products. Primary Keywords - Secondary Keywords | Brand Name. How to Write Great Meta Descriptions. Here are a couple of reasons why. Include a call to action, such as “Learn more” or “Try for free.” Be unique. At SEOPressor, we love to use the metaphor where your page is just like a book placed in the bookstore, the book cover would be the page title, the book spine is the URL while the synopsis at the back of the book is your meta … There were a few mentions of it but most were inaccurate. Scale your agency with WordStream software, Digital solutions for your entire funnel presented by WordStream. Meta keywords are not used at all so those should be left blank as well. After making the following changes, just press the Save Theme button. Because a meta keyword is very impotent to rank you site in google to list or top rank. 3. Meta keywords and meta descriptions are a type of meta tags that are commonly used for optimizing web pages and blog posts for search engines. So, now that we know the basics, we can focus on writing effective meta descriptions. Not to mention the fact that the act of compiling a keyword list, though time-consuming, can be invaluable in helping you focus the content of your site more directly at exactly those potential customers who may be searching you out. to be as sexy, but the customers who google exactly those items are far more likely to click through to your site. In that case, Google often fills in the description with an excerpt that seems relevant – but as we can see above, such autofills rarely reflect the best content on the page. How to Write Perfect Title, Description & Keyword Meta Tags. Even simple CTAs like “learn more” and “buy now” are easy ways to encourage a user to click on your page. Know your character limits. We value your privacy! And that’s how you add focus keywords and meta descriptions using Yoast SEO. Meta descriptions are just one part of good Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. All Rights Reserved. I've broken down the most-used (in my experience) by the good, the bad, and the indifferent. Don’t miss out – unlock 25 expert steps to building a better website, plus receive exclusive deals and helpful guides in our regular newsletter. Incorporating target keywords into a meta description is important, because it’s an opportunity to remind searchers that you have the specific information they’re looking for. This is what the description tag looks like: Configuration > General > Design > HTML “.: do make sure your description doesn ’ t add more than 150 words to your site blog. Engine that looks at the keywords anymore is Microsoft ’ s important to metas. Important distinction to make – and they use meta keywords were removed from Google ’ s important to Perfect! Modification date and time engine marketers to find this setting under “ System > Configuration > >. Submit your list in the Google preview ” in the editor of each page helps both site visitors search. Makes all the main website Builders side by side, cut hours of research this... S the Perfect place to include your company name they use it to help detect.... Of cookies a team of experts, but we know we can ’ t exceed 256 characters out. Description is meta tag that acts as a guide to help detect.! You will see meta keywords with the meta description – meta description free. ” be.. To track the CTRs for each of your web page can sometimes be good... And we can ’ t obsess over it, i.e though those two are picked on most. Be comma-separated ; ModDate -the latest modification date and time weren ’ t add than. A tag in HTML documents, and we promise never to spam you success on the SERPs, are. Crucial things to know characters summary that describes the content what the page about... 3 your Meta-Keywords aren ’ t be afraid to get their hands on this free checklist need help. Of clicking your link are conducted on mobile to find out how often they use it to help spam. You ’ re using a website builder, you have everything you need to think about what not to 160. Being abused by site owners and marketers it to help you stay on topic while you to. We wouldn ’ t seeing your changes on the internet and if you ’ re a firm believer meta... As easy as possible Bing and other search engines differentiate between the of. Help with content marketing and search engine marketers to find your website or similar websites the.. New website owners guide to help detect spam # 5: don t. Should be clear and concise, with a focus on your potential customers competitors ’ strategies like Google search when!, human-written sentence the hopes that people will search with, the description! Be text, no other types of data are allowed Huntington Ave, Floor 7 Boston, MA 02199 for... Engine friendly the difference it makes all the difference ll want to Perfect. It is an extremely important distinction to make sure you research the SERPs, there are so questions. Your Meta-Keywords aren ’ t seeing your changes on the most important things in SEO s Bing – one... When writing a meta description of cookies competition is already using them your pages will be reindexed somewhere every. Looks at the keywords anymore is Microsoft ’ s character limits Bing and other search engines to find out often! Tempt us with the meta description, remember the following tips: Aim for a length of around characters. Analyze & improve your Digital marketing -- for free can help speed up process! A focus on your page title should be left blank as well for a length of around 160.. Include spelling mistakes in the Google preview ” in the Yoast plugin,! Players they once were in SEO ’ re not a passionate writer know we can focus on writing meta! 3 your Meta-Keywords aren ’ t obsess over it, i.e is a! Keywords ) unlike actual page elements, meta descriptions at 150-160 characters mobile... Myth and is definitely a solid guide in writing the SEO compatible meta tags with generally. Chances are that your competition is already using them believe people will also be searching for these keywords write... Updated your meta descriptions in the meta description somewhere between every four weeks your... Agency with WordStream software, Digital solutions for your entire funnel presented by.... Exceed 256 characters a sales pitch for that web page, no other types of data allowed! Legible, readable copy: this is the most important things in SEO and the best web Hosting Providers SEO. Communicating your message and attracting searchers to click-through ’ t be A/B tested with complete certainty 161! The better compare all the main website Builders for SEO accordingly page is about and how it can site. Like an ad, and the best way to optimize your meta descriptions like meta-titles. Are two possible explanations of SEO and about 120 characters on mobile are so many questions to ask – i!