The 16TS addressed this to some extent, although a 1600cc engine was never going to set the world on fire. was developed for the 16TS, … R. M. A new feature-length documentary about Steve McQueen will be broadcast on Sky on January 1 and for anyone with even a passing interest in motor racing it should be judged…, When Joan Mir was crowned MotoGP champion last November he was the first Red Bull Rookie to conquer bike racing’s highest peak. The automatic adds an additional £136 on to the price tag, which is well worth considering. Furthermore, the TS has a completely redesigned cylinder head which has inclined valves opening into hemispherical rather than wedge-shaped combustion chambers. 4) , manufactured or sold in 1968, version for Europe ; manufactured by Renault in F ; 5-door hatchback body type; FWD (front-wheel drive), manual 4-speed gearbox; gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 1565 cm3 / 95.5 cui, advertised power: 61 kW / 82 hp / 83 PS ( DIN ), torque: 120 Nm / 88 lb-ft, more data: 1968 Renault 16 TS (man. In fact, one can help the computer think with the most subtle changes of pressure on the pedal, particularly with upward shifts. inline, Head: Overhead, opposed valves, pushrods and rockers, Fuel System: Twin choke Weber 32 DAR with differential opening SEV mechanically controlled, automatic choke and accellerator pump. The rack and pinion steering was precise and sufficiently quick with 4 turns from lock to lock for a compact turning circle of 32 feet. Perfect all original Mase... Ferodo, diaphragm spring, 7.9 in. The front suspension was through flexible quadrilateral transverse members and the rear through pressed steel suspension arms. The kick-down can be rather harsh and jolt the passengers and I soon found that, rather than kick-down from third to second, it was better and smoother to use the selector lever and drop it to the “hold 2” position. R16L + TL (1565ccm), starting from year of construction 1978. Please contact me quickly. Renault 16 TS (man. x 3.31in.). Readers who have possibly owned something like a Cortina 1600E and are looking for a replacement are well advised to put the 16TS on their short list and a test-drive would undoubtedly leave them most pleasantly surprised.—A. Was: AU $53.99. on the clock but cruised for literally hour after hour at genuine 100 m.p.h. LINKS For relevant and updated info. Our 2001 Electracraft 16TS was restored by the Electric Marina in 2018. The 16 range is no newcomer; it was introduced some six and a half years ago and at that time was quite a trend-setter with its five-door lay-out—later to be copied by British Leyland on the Maxi. When it comes to that, the Renault 16TS family of engines is the neatest, with the camshaft running right at the top of the block. There seems to be very little power loss through the transmission and the road-test Renault not only reached well over 100 m.p.h. It was distinguished by exceptional comfort and speed for its size. The individual front seats were large and soft with reclinable squabs and the driver was well positioned in relation to the wheel and for vision over the bonnet. The TS version of this car has always used a 1,565-c.c. We hope to bring you new and interesting content on our YouTube channel. Renault 16TS refinements applied equally to engineering and functional luxury features. A sports vehicle, the A110 was powered by a heavy variety of Renault engines, and was produced by French manufacturer Alpine. Please support us by subscribing. There are still a lot of people who consider that any engine under three litres is too small for automatic transmission. [No, I merely say I don’t want to go automatic until I’m 60!—Ed.]. The TS engine, with its Gordini hemi-head, was capable of producing speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour in top gear, 80.5 mph in 3rd and 53 mph in 2nd; quite a starttling record for a 1565 cc 4-cylinder ... but taking into account the Frenchhman's ability to produce superb, finely engineered, high performance machinery, maybe it's not so startling. The Renault racing motors seemed to be the equal of the Ford twin-cam-based units and the works Alpines finished third and fifth. One of the most impressive features of the 16TS was the exceptionally good ride, which was accredited to the indeependent torsion bar springing at front and rear with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. Superior Drift Garage - E36 Roll Cage Part #2, Paint Job and Sunroof Delete - Duration: 11:39. Being a front-wheel drive car, the 16TS had a high cornering ability. Never did I hear a complaint of travel weariness and the general opinion was that I could not have picked a better car for the job. engine rather than the smaller 1,470-c.c, unit used in the lesser versions until they, too, were recently enlarged. Mechanically, this car is very great and very smooth to drive. One of the week’s Press functions was organised by Renault Ltd. and on arrival at the appropriate London hotel I found that the French company was announcing automatic versions of their popular 16 range. Renault RENAULT 16TS More powerful, sporting derivative of family-man's 16, with 88bhp and up to 100mph if you insisted, still with every practicality, still with that unsuitable column gear change, and still with that ultra-soft ride, allied to lots of (Michelin inspired) grip. Renault 16 Technical Specifications, Car Parts: Chevrolet Pick Up Stainless Steel Bumpers. It was also pleasing to see several cars at the Monaco F3 race using this engine as a basis for the power unit including the works Alpines, while several other French privateers were also using the engines. Front: Independent, wishbones, longitudinal torsion bars, telescopic dampers. Diameter: 35mm. Our company represents a huge community of engine importers who sell second hand engines in SA. ... Powered by a 1.6 L turbo diesel engine with 6-speed manual transmission this will really keep your budget under control with amazing fuel efficiency. Radial ply tyres were, naturally, standard kit. List. The Renault 16 was the first successful hatchback body-style car in a market segment, previously exclusively dominated by three-box, bottom range executive cars, and estates, selling approaching two million cars – all hatchbacks. These engines produce something like 83 b.h.p. Our test went to confirm all this but its main aim was to try the new automatic transmission and how it affected the performance of the car. A welcome opportunity to escape from the office and its ever-ringing telephone for two weeks for a holiday taking in races at Zandvoort and Monaco gave us an excellent chance to put a road-test car through its paces. A Weber progressive twin-choke carburetter supplies the mixture and there is a more efficient exhaust system. With a performance like that of the TS, it was important to have complete all-round safety, and lap/sash seat belts were standard. Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Renault 16 TS in 1972, the model with 5-door body and Line-4 1565 cm3 / 95.5 cui engine size, 61 kW / 83 PS / 82 hp (DIN) of power, 120 Nm / 88 lb-ft of torque, 4-speed manual powertrain for Europe . Braking safety was achieved by thick disc brakes in front, wide drum brakes at rear, a braking equaliser device and servo-assisted operation. all straight rustfre... Classic Cars: Studebaker dictator coupé '37. diameter, Type: Conventional, watercooled four Other modifications included larger section tyres, larger front discs and power-assisted brakes but otherwise the TS is much the same as the lesser-powered model. In the A 110’s case, borrowed items came from the Renault 8, a small, rear-engine sedan that was not fast. In Australia, the Renault 16 quickly proved the title well won; the extremely advanced Renault 16 was built to suit rugged and extreme conditions. New for 1968 were Renault 4s with 4-speed gearboxes, and a 1.565cc Renault 16TS with crossflow head. The TS incorporated many advanced technical features and had strong appeal to enthusiastic motorists who preferred high performance medium-size vehicles. The Chrysler 'Hemi' engines of the '50s and 1964 used the same arrangement too. The whole interior of the 16TS was tastefully and completely furnished with a long list of inclusive extras. Semi Synthetic 20W-50 High Kilometre Engine Oil 5L for RENAULT 16 16TL 16TS 1470. COLLECTORS' ITEMS PICTURES GALLERY CONTEMPORARY RENAULTS These were successful too FORUM Any questions? averages on the fine French autoroutes. Very nice, perfectly running / driving original Maserati 3200GT from 2000. bores. Also see: The TS version of this car has always used a 1,565-c.c. It has a diesel engine which makes this car very powerful and super-efficient in fuel consumption (only 30lit of diesel from Launceston to Hobart and back!!!). This is an excellent automatic gearbox and there is no doubt in my mind that it contributed a great deal to the comfort and ease with which I was able to drive the machine for long periods without need of a rest. A 1470cc and a 1565cc version of the Renault R16 were originally used in the Europa-Renault. And when the 2021 grand prix season gets…, First published in October 2007 Smell is the most evocative of all the senses, which is why I’m immediately dragged back to my schooldays – in a wibbly-wobbly movie memory…, Martin Brundle is among the motor racing greats inducted into the Motor Sport Hall of Fame this year and he joins us for our final podcast of the year.…. At first there was only one type of engine, with parallell valves. Renault sales in Britain have expanded spectacularly over the past year and the trend will continue if the French firm continues to build such excellent cars and offer such good service. Our site may help you find the appropriate engine for any Renault model in South Africa at reasonable prices. Grid. engine rather than the smaller 1,470-c.c, unit used in the lesser versions until they, too, were recently enlarged. stroke, reciprocating, Configuration: Front mounted, longitudinal, Having to sell our beloved 1976 R16 TS special with: Two tone red and black tombstone seats Special TX type wheels (need a paint) Metallic paint finish (redone) We have had this car on the road for about 5 years and did lots of stuff on it to get it road worthy. Perhaps you need to find a Renualt clio 1.4 or 1.2 16v engine for sale? With a maximum top speed of - mph (km/h), a curb weight of 2337 lbs (1060 kgs), the 16 TS has a naturally-aspirated Inline 4 cylinder engine, Petrol motor. See more ideas about lotus, renault alpine, engineering. A lot might depend on how high the camshaft is in the block. Only a few months after its introduction in Europe, the Renault 16 was awarded "The Car Of The Year" Award by an International jury of thirty-two motoring journalists. In desperate need of finding a quality used Renault engine for sale? The new capacity was the same as the luxury 16TX that was never sold in Australia. Furthermore, the TS has a completely redesigned cylinder head which has inclined valves opening into hemispherical rather than wedge-shaped combustion chambers. In the Renault, the transaxle sat ahead of the engine, driving the front wheels. We love this boat and our relationship with the Electric Marina. The personal attention we have received from Nancy and Cecilia is impressive, personable, and the highest professional quality. crack test etc (5 years ago but not driven much since) New clutch/plate Grid. HISTORY Development and changes. In addition, there were anti-roll bars on front and rear. if a specification seems to be wrong, please tell us Free postage. Sep 9, 2020 - Explore Dave Kaczmarek's board "Lotus Europa engines" on Pinterest. Admittedly I would not like to be told that never again could I drive a car with a manual shift, but I still feel that automatics offer a good deal and particularly the one on this Renault.