Miele KM404 11 3/8" Gas Double Burner Cooktop Works Great. All Miele cooktops also feature a surface that is lower than the frame to capture any liquids if a pot boils over. Miele induction cooktops offer the benefits of a gas flame, including rapid heat-up and cool down, without the concerns of gas and other types of electric heating. Miele Induction and electric cooktops feature smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces, while our gas cooktops are designed to make operation safe and simple with their enamelled cast iron grates that allow pots to be easily transferred from one burner to another. With environmental and economic benefits: Cooking with gas. Glass or steel? The Thermador SGSX365TS gas cooktop is the successor to the popular Thermador SGSX365FS gas cooktop, and it does the Thermador name proud. Cooktops. Out of stock. Temperatures can be controlled very precisely and changed in an instant. With or without an oven? Disconnect it from the mains electricity and gas supply. Attractive designs to suit all tastes: puristic stainless-steel look or elegant ceramic glass. The responsiveness afforded by a Miele gas cooktop is only matched by the product's performance. Miele cooktops are equipped with enough space to accommodate your cooking needs! Miele gas cooktops typically retail between $1,199 and $4,199, on par with similar types of cooktops by Miele. In stock. GasStop. C $1,184.30. Professional design - 29 5/8 (750)Inch wide stainless steel trough. They are built into the countertop and cabinets, and have up to 19000 BTUs to bring the heat. Concentrated power for faster cooking! Find out more about "Gas cooktops with electronic controls", Display all products with "ComfortClean grates", Find out more about "ComfortClean grates", Find out more about "Enamelled grates and burner parts", Display all products with "GasStop and ReStart", Find out more about "GasStop and ReStart", Find out more about "Gas - efficient and environmentally friendly", Find out more about "Versatile burner configuration", Find out more about "Single-handed electronic ignition", Find out more about "Rotary dial controls at the front". Call Miele. Buy Miele dishwashers online and let Miele take care of … Miele Australia Pty Ltd uses cookies (including third-party cookies) to collect information about visitors' use of the site. View cart for details. Shop Now Shop Dishwashers Online. With a variety of attractive designs, Miele has the right gas cooktop for you. With Miele, you can choose between the traditional mechanical controls and intelligent electronic controls. Gas cooktops radiate superior, professional elegance. Miele … by children. In case of a flame failure, the automatic flame monitoring and re-ignition feature will reignite the flame and continue to monitor the process. KM 3475 LP 6792810 2099.0 Miele Hobs 8 /e/gas-cooktop-km-3475-lp-6792810-p Hobs. Safety is one of the key advantages of induction cooking: elements on without ferrous material equals no heat and if a cooking zone is turned on without a pot on it, the zone will not be powered. More safety and convenience: Intelligent features make cooking with gas a great choice. Someone at the door? One of the most difficult decisions when selecting a cooking surface is what type to use. $2,099.00. Heat is only generated where you need it - in the base of the pot. 29 5/8 (750)Inch wide for extremely convenient cooking. The super burner is conveniently located in the front of the cooktop, making wok stir-fry, pan sauteing or just big pot cooking practical and safe. Because induction technology generates heat only in the base of the pan, no heat is lost and the ceramic glass stays cool. $ … High-quality cast iron grates, stainless steel surfaces and BTU outputs of up to 15,300 BTU/hr underline the importance of quality and performance for Miele. This stainless steel cooktop has five gas burners (one of which is the center power burner that maxes out at 16,000 BTU), and those burners are capped with Thermador's signature star-shaped burner covers. Thanks to Miele's pot size recognition, Miele Induction cooktops are extremely safe. Some recipes work better with a gas burner, while others work better using induction or grill. Miele offers a variety of gas cooktops, with many using natural gas with the option to convert to liquid propane.. Find out more about "User technologies" Three different sizes, as well as options to choose the M Pro Grill or M Pro Griddle configurations, give an array of attractive options. Gas cooktop. KM 2032 G 10735660 1199.0 Miele Hobs 2 /e/gas-cooktop-km-2032-g-10735660-p Hobs. Commercial look stainless steel or elegant black ceramic look- Miele offers a broad range of design options to suit your individual design. This means: they will do all that they can to be "forever better" than their competitors and "forever better" than they already are. Make Offer - Miele KM 2032 Gas Cooktop . Print Miele Appliances. Although every CombiSet offers a unique cooking method or number of elements, they were designed to harmoniously integrate side-by-side to create beautiful custom cooking surfaces. Related: electric cooktop miele induction cooktop miele oven wolf cooktop miele gas cooktop miele cooktop 30 thermador cooktop miele range hood bosch cooktop: electric cooktop miele induction cooktop miele oven wolf cooktop miele gas cooktop miele cooktop 30 thermador cooktop miele range hood bosch cooktop