Adopt a Mountain View Cur, Dog Breed Guide Introduction The Mountain View Cur are dogs with a strong drive to please their masters. It is a rather new breed that was developed in late 1980s by a husband-wife couple of … The breed standard for this dog was set in 1956 … This dog breed isn’t cheap! If not kept as active hunters, these dogs should be taken on long brisk walks or jogging every day. Looking for the ideal Mountain View Cur Gifts? They do not do well with dogs they do not know and are not recommended for homes with non-canine pets. There is a waiting list for this dog, so obtaining one may take some time, but it will be worth the wait. Affectionate is an understatement! The Mountain View Cur is a new breed of dog developed in the 1980's. FULTON, MISSOURI 65251. Those deep dark eyes are gentle in expression and convey a wealth of emotions. The Mountain View Cur are dogs with a strong drive to please their masters. These Mountain View Cur puppies located in Indiana come from different cities, including, SHEWLBYVILLE. Mountain View Cur No Ads Found. The Treeing Tennessee Brindle, Stephens Stock, and the Mountain View Cur use to all be the same breed, but these have achieved enough individual identity to justify their own registering groups. These are dogs known to love children. The breeders who are responsible for their development are Michael and Marie Bloodgood of the Mountain View Kennels which is where this dog got their name. From there you can see photos of their pups, find detailed information on their web page and contact them by e-mail, phone and even get driving directions. The Mountain View Cur was developed by Michael and Marie Bloodgood, now of Bonnieville, Kentucky. But, this dog always checks in with their owner even when on the trail. Maintaining the Mountain View Cur is an easy task for an owner. The Mountain View Cur is a rugged, healthy breed that has very little in common with its ancestor the Mountain Cur at least in its looks. This natural oil protects your dog during all types of weather so it is important to maintain it. Free Returns 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shipping The breeders were after a more focused dog, one that would be easier to handle than many of the hunting hounds of the day. They are impressive forcing and keeping the game on trees. Did you know that a Mountain Cur can be from $300 to $600. They are dogs that will require a job preferably as treeing hunters. The typical Mountain View Cur resembles a hound and has a slightly domed head, a heavy muzzle and wide set eyes. In almost all cases they are born without dew claws. Prior to that, the early settlers used these dogs to guard family and livestock against wild animals and other intruders on the rugged frontier in the mountains of what is … This dog is not suited for apartment living; they need at least a home with a secure yard, or even better - a country lifestyle. The average Mountain View Cur female is about 35-45 pounds and the average male is 45-55 pounds. This attractive dog has a pleasing conformation that is well muscled with a straight back, deep chest, and thick neck. 695 likes. But they have also been used for large game animals such as bears, cats, and wild boar. This is a proven re-breeding of both Natural Tree dogs and Coyote Decoy dogs previously posted as well as great family companions. It is a member of the hound group.. History. They have another characteristic and that is the natural bob tail they are born with. Some individuals will also show white markings on the face or chest. This dog was named after the Bloodgood’s kennel Mountain View. She's very lovable and attentive, loves being beside me even gets n shower with me but hates to b out of my sight...she's in general a really nice dog, Regular Full Physical Examination By Veterinarian. It will definitely be a change of lifestyle for the dog, but I have no doubt that after she realizes that her outdoor time will be every day hiking and running I'm hoping she will adjust. If this dog is not to be used as a hunter, then owners who enjoy outdoor activities and sports will keep this dog happy. Those that have a longer tail normally have them docked a few days after birth. The Mountain View Cur is a dog that lives to please their master. Out of Certified Tree Dogs, CTD Mtn. At birth, the Mountain View Cur puppies are usually born without dewclaws, and those that are born with them have them removed almost immediately. The Mountain View Cur is both courageous and willing to please, showing a pleasing level of self-control not found in other similar breeds. Date – Late 1980’s Proven breeding with 100% satisfaction. Buddy is a Black Mouth Cur dog, a breed used for hunting in many southern states. It’s a medium to large dog at about 18 to 26 inches tall, weighing between 30 to 60 pounds. Keep ear cannel clean and free of excess hair. hunting squirrels and considered to be semi-silent trailers when hunting raccoons, and open trail hunters when tracking bears, lions and hogs. Ground Transport and Airline Shipping available. This new breed of dog has proven itself in both the work and home environment and is set for a bright future. Country – United States An active family is ideal for this busy canine, and if you live in the country - well, that is even better. Find Mountain Cur Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Mountain Cur information. This lovely dog often has patches of white markings on their muzzle, chest and feet. These dogs were bred to be exceptional hunters and treeing dogs that can track, trail and tree various small game on rugged mountainous terrain. In the 1980s and 1990s, the Mountain View Cur was developed from the Mountain Cur by Michael and Marie Bloodgood of Afton, New York. The Mountain View Cur needs nothing else but will enjoy the attention and if it pleases you, it will please them. This is not a dog to have as apartment pets. Description Appearance. They have a lovely temperament and they adore children. The mountain view cur is a very healthy breed with no genetic deformities. They are highly intelligent and are being trialed for search and rescue, drug control and law enforcement. TYLER AND BLAIR . Mountain Curs are short-coated dogs which come in blue, black, yellow, brown, or brindle coloration. Among the various Cur breeds, The Mountain View Cur is one of the best when it comes to family companionship. The Mountain View Cur was developed from the Mountain Cur by Michael and Marie Bloodgood in the United States during the 1980s and. They are a very intelligent breed, with excellent nose and self-control, and are being tried out as search and rescue, drug control, and law enforcement dogs as well. Years of careful selective breeding has created this outstanding hound. These exceptionally courageous and fierce curs are not vicious, but that, they are pretty extrovert. All this dog needs is a brushing once a week to remove any dust or loose hair. The Mountain View Cur is born with no dewclaws while the Mountain Cur has them. The Mountain Cur is a fast, hard hunter that runs track with its head in the air. The Mountain View Cur is a dog breed that is one of many Cur-type hunting dogs that are native to the American South. Mountain View Curs are dogs known to be very healthy. But, if you plan on getting your Mountain Cur from a highly reputable breeder you can expect to pay up to $3,500 for a single pup! Tail. Mountain Cur Breeder The Mountain Cur dogs are slowly being sorted into individual types. The Mountain View Cur is among the most trainable dog breed in the USA. Comb or bush occasionally to remove dead, loose hair. on twitter. Ninety percent are a light blond to a rich dark yellow in color and the other 10% are all brindle, all black, or black and brindle. I got my Mountain View Cur as a puppy in my sophomore year of college, and I am in my senior year now. It was bred specifically for hunting, tracking, and treeing game such as squirrel and raccoon. We have these two Mountain View Cur female pups available from our 9/16/19, D19 litter. Because of the efforts of the Bloodgood family, the Mountain View Cur is recognized as a separate and unique breed that will be maintained to that effect. The Mountain View Cur likes room to roam around in and a well-fenced yard is the minimum requirement. All Mountain Cur puppies found here are from AKC-Registered parents. A house in the country is even better. Bathe only when necessary as bathing can dry out the skin. This breed is ideal as a family pet as they love children and will protect both family and property. Here is some basic info to help you learn more about this unique dog breed. The Mountain Cur is easy to groom. You'll find the perfect stickers at CafePress. When you say a dog with a job, then the Mountain View Cur immediately comes to mind. MOUNTAIN CURS. They are known to have a very strong drive and eagerness to please their family, especially their masters. Male and female Mountain Cur puppy . Even the roughest terrain won’t phase this well-muscled working, tracking and treeing dog. There's currently no available Mountain View Cur for adoption. Today, the Mountain View Curs are also being used for search and rescue, narcotics detection and other law enforcement duties. MUST READ CONTENT. In the last two decades of the 20th century, Afton, New York-breeders Michael, and Marie Bloodgood created a new type of Mountain Cur they called the Mountain View Cur. This dog loves to have a job, they like to feel useful and to please their master. The Mountain View Cur is both useful for being a watch and guard dog. The Mountain View Cur is a new breed of dog developed in the 1980's. Their rough nature does not make them suitable for homes with children. There is so much information out there in the Internet about dogs. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area. Follow These hunting dogs are not as silent the bigger Mountain Curs that are known to be very silent trailers and trackers of all types of games. As a guardian dog, it would constantly guard its family, thus prone to attacking strangers and pets, challenging anyt… They are impressively eager dogs and will have a strong drive to learn in order to please their masters. This new dog came to be known as the mountain view cur from the kennel named mountain view which belonged to the bloodgoods. The Mountain View Cur is protective but not aggressive or vicious. A rub down with a soft damp cloth will keep this dog looking their best. Bathing is not required frequently and if you do bath them, make sure to use a mild dog shampoo to maintain the natural oils in their skin. And they have fought hard to maintain that reputation. Rehomi... October 8, 2020. Hiding from this hound is never going to work, they will just track you down in an instant. This lovely natured dog is a healthy breed and as yet, there are no genetic illnesses associated with the breed. You might end up feeling like you're searching for a needle in a haystack. Care: The coat needs an occasional bath and combing. The Mountain View Cur is the consummate hunter who will diligently work for hours on the trail in all types of weather to please their master. This particular hunting breed is considered to be one of the youngest of the Cur group as they were developed in the 1980s. The Mountain View Cur is intelligent enough to sense and assess situations and react accordingly. No wonder the police have shown great interest in using this dog for search and rescue or to locate hidden drugs. Find great designs on durable stickers or create your own custom stickers to express yourself. Price is $500. Mountain Cur Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States . Pure love is what I got from her from the first time I laid eyes on her. They are not above goofing around with the children and having some high energy fun games. Shop Mountain View Cur Lover Stickers & Signs from CafePress. There Are Five Pedigree Mountain Cur Bloodlines. Mountain View Cur Puppies for Sale in USA, Page 1 (10 per page) is your source for finding an ideal Mountain View Cur Puppy for Sale in USA. These are dogs that shed hair in very little amount or none at all. View more . 573-219-1956 / 573-642-3856. Mountain Cur Price. The usual dog grooming essentials such as teeth brushing, ear checks (and cleaning if necessary) and toenail clipping need to be done each week as required. He's ve.. Mountain View Cur, Florida » Orlando The Mountain Cur dates back to settlers from Europe to the United States. In 1998, the United Kennel Club recognized the Mountain Cur as a breed and classified it as a scenthound. Hence, a movement has begun among breeders and dog fanciers to change the name of this dog. She was an amazing companion, and went everywhere we did. The Mountain View Cur is not as hyper as other cur dogs but will be very active only when out on the hunt. … The Mountain View Cur is a stronger and more muscular breed as well. Emily & Elexis. In 1987 the Mountain View Cur Kennel was formed in Afton, New York, where the breed was subsequently developed. These cur-type dogs believe that they will do anything for their mas. We offer 10 Mountain View Cur puppies for sale in Indiana. While the word 'cur' means a dog of unknown origin, it hardly relates to the Mountain View Cur who has a very definite origin. 6338 COUNTY ROAD 305. The Mountain Cur breed is an excellent hunting companion of small to large game. The Mountain View Cur is one of the youngest Cur breeds and was once just a strain of the Original Mountain Curs. However, I am concerned because in a few months when I graduate I am moving to Los Angeles, and am nervous with how she will adapt to the city life of not being able to run out the front door to the pasture. The Mountain View Curs will only be totally silent trackers when hunting squirrels and considered to be semi-silent trailers when hunting raccoons, and open trail hunters when tracking bears, lions and hogs. The Mountain View Cur is a hard hunting dog with balanced temperament. On the other hand, if you are not a hunter enthusiast, a Mountain View Cur also enjoys outdoor activities and sports. Almost all have white points on their chest, feet and/or muzzle. So, are you ready to commit to a Mountain Cur? © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. The Mountain View Cur was developed by Michael and Marie Bloodgood, now of Bonnieville, Kentucky. Mountain View Curs is a specific cur founded by Mr. and Mrs. Mike J. Bloodgood, of Bonnieville, Kentucky.It is a type of working dog used for treeing and trailing game; mainly squirrel and raccoon, but also large game. Mr. and Mrs. Bloodgood obtained their first pair of yellow Mountain Cur … Patient and loyal, they will lovingly play with children and are known to be protective of them. Buddy the Handsome 6 month Old Pup vicentyeric930. All of our dogs are Registered with the Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association (OMCBA), and National Kennel Club (NKC) Their legs are straight and strong, proving that this dog is fast on their cat-like paws. A Mountain View Cur is a consummate hunter who will work for hours (in all types of weather) to please their master. The pioneer breeder of the Mountain View Cur is the husband and wife team of Mr. And Mrs. Michael J. Bloodgood. SOLD! A true all-American pioneer dog, the Mountain Cur is a relatively new breed, having only been declared a breed in 1957. Below is a sample search of our Mountain View Cur breeders with puppies for sale. With their highly skilled nose that can follow a trail even if it is slightly old, and their control and willingness to listen and obey orders, this dog looks to have a bright future. The Mountain Cur is a working dog bred for treeing squirrels and raccoons as well as for baying big game like bears. Colors vary from yellow, solid black, brindle, black and brindle. The Mountain View Cur is a rare dog that is a very healthy breed and suffers from few health issues. Kind, gentle and affectionate, they are also strong and protective. Come check out our giant selection of T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers and More. Hunting dogs like your grandfather had. Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee! They have an amazing scent ability and have a rare sense of self-control that is appreciated by owners. Training: The Mountain View Cur is intelligent and can be trained for hunting and law enforcement purposes. The two Mountain Cur breeds differ greatly as Mountain View Curs are born without dewclaws on their hind feet. She is deeply missed. She has been the best companion for the past two years, and loves to sleep in between my legs with her head on my thigh looking at me. Mountain Cur Dogs for Sale. Pennell's Treeing Mountain View Curs, Elizabethtown, IL. View Gold Nugget II and CTD Mtn. They specialize in treeing squirrels, raccoon, opossum and other vermin that tend to climb trees. They love to be useful and feel important if they have a task to do. CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. Temperament: The Mountain View Cur gets along well with children and other dogs, but may not get along with other pets. this MVC Male pup tattoo # E193 available, born on 12/04/19 and out of outstanding Certified Tree Dogs, CTD Mtn. They are dogs that should also be given ample time to run free on large open spaces. The lifespan of the Mountain Cur is around 14 to 16 years. They are devoted and affectionate, and are quick and easy to train. Everything I read about temperment and loyalty on this page is spot on! They are hunters at heart but will be protective of their master’s property and family. Besides hunting, a Mountain View Cur … The coat is a double layer with the undercoat being soft and fine, and the outer coat rough or smooth. Although the Mountain View Cur has been developed directly from the original Mountain Cur, they differ greatly in appearance from their 'parent' breed. They do enjoy playing games and love to play in the water on a hot day, but they are just as happy to go for a leisurely stroll with you to the nearest park. Mountain View Curs have a very well-balanced and family-friendly disposition. NICK AND ROSE MARY CLARK. With a desire to please its master, the over-protective nature of the breed might create a relationship hazard with its family that usually shows up as a behavioral issue when it starts feeling superior to its master in its adulthood. We just lost our Daisy who was 14 yrs old. The breeders were after a more focused dog, one that would be easier to handle than many of the hunting hounds of the day. The Mountain View Cur is an American breed, bred in Kentucky for hunting raccoon and squirrel. Their motto has always been to breed for Quality not Quantity on Ability not Myth. Mountain view curs have an outstanding disposition and love kids. View more . They can be great family dogs in rural and suburban areas. @ThePetAdvisors Free Returns High Quality Printing Fast Shipping