Rice and paella lovers

Paella first came about in rural areas of Valencia in the 15th and 16th centuries. Since then it has become a dish eaten throughout Spain, cooked in many different ways and with a variety of seasonings.

From its beginnings paella has always been a dish that brings people together in celebration. It is a festive, traditionally Mediterranean dish.

Gustos wants to gather families and friends in their restaurants for a pleasant evening trying paella and other rice dishes at their most natural, simmered slowly and part of a show.

We cook in front of our clients, to start off the party together and enjoy the preparation along with the smell and the charm of the whole process.

What does “GUSTOS” mean?

Taken from the Spanish language meaning TASTE:

Taste, the bodily sense through which we recognize flavours. The flavour of things. Satisfaction, pleasure, delight or good feeling that something produces. The power to feel or appreciate beauty . To get good at something.

To be comfortable, to have a sense of wellbeing. A desire to have something that makes us feel satisfied.

GUSTOS also refers to elegance, sensitivity, pleasure, crave, satisfaction, distinction, preference, aesthetics, style, savour, fancy, enjoyment, excellence, flavour, joy, celebration and fun.

What is GUSTOS?

The sensation that unifies all the meanings of the word GUSTOS!

Our objective is to tantalize the taste buds of our clients during the time spent in one of our establishments so they are able to thoroughly enjoy all of the FLAVOURS: GUSTOS..